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At PassionLoft, we live by 2 mantras:

Always find out what your passion is

Get obsessed with your passion


Always Find Out What Your Passion Is

The first step to living a life full of passion is to find out what your passion is. Looking back when we were young, you would remember so vividly what you were passionate about. It could be that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurine collection that you can spend hours on without feeling lonely or bored with; or the extensive barbie dolls collection you had so much fun playing dress up with your play mate. You were proud of them because they made you happy; they were a part of you.

As you grow older, sometimes life hits you with responsibilities you have to take on. But no matter how busy you are, we believe in always finding an interest outside of your role at work or at home and make time for it.

Remember: Your passion keeps your heart beating. It gives you room to breathe and space to relax.


Get Obsessed With Your Passion

Once you’ve discovered your passion, you give it all you’ve got and get to know it inside and out. Your passion becomes a huge part of who you are — a part of your identity. 

So at Theyard-shop, we have our products in various collections, with each collection that is curated specially to cater to each passion group.

Be it that you are passionate or immensely obsessed with coffee, cats, pugs, music, trekking, Harry Potter (yes even Harry Potter!) etc . We got it all covered, because we believe in igniting the passion in you by finding products you will love and represent you and items that people will love to share and talk bout too.

We love online shopping (In fact we live and breathe it) and Theyard-shop is the place for us to share our passion by creating the best online shopping experience possible for each and everyone of you.

Do enjoy shopping with us and feel free to hit us up at support@passionloft.com!

Our office hours are 9am-5pm EST - we respond to most emails within a business day or two, but if you don't get a response from us, please check your spam bin!